our team

We are a 100% vegetarian restaurant with a gluten-free and vegan trend. Our priority is to work only with raw, fresh and if possible local products. It’s a simple, light and friendly cuisine for the pleasure of our customers. This is a detail that we highlight because today catering can be taken more for business than for sharing. Meals are so frequent that you have to make them pleasant and unique every day. For a moment, sharing a dish with a loved one, a stranger or even their family, should be a warm moment that can make us forget our little worries. We share this passion with great pleasure and hope to welcome you very soon.

Lucas Malié "Nounours"

Pastry chef by training, I resume my studies for a C.A.P. cook from 2009 to 2011 at the brasserie “Le Saint James” in Albi. Then I work at “Cam C Bon” in Cambon d’Albi. Then at the “Archbishop’s Garden” at the foot of the cathedral in the episcopal city of Albi. In 2014 I took a little height and installed my luggage at the top of the “Grand Théâtre” at the restaurant “La Part Des Anges” until 2018 when the adventure “Le Tournesol” begins. I take my place as head chef in this vegetarian restaurant in May 2018.

Why the kitchen? I like to create, imagine, discover new flavors and see happy people in front of colorful plates.

Favorite dish: For me it is a dessert, the mille-feuille, the flagship of French gastronomy, it inspires greed in its raw state I like the product and we can decline it in a thousand ways, vanilla, chocolate, fruit. ..

Favorite tool: The cake spatula, you can do so much with it, create, glaze, prepare plates, coat cakes, with imagination you can do what you want with it.

Motto or proverb: Everything comes just in time to those who can wait, because to do beautiful things, it takes patience and perseverance.

Hobbies: Nature, tasting of wine and quality beer.

Super power: In good, I am cheerful, happy, I like the contact of the customers and share my experiences. Badly, I am a big grumpy, when it does not go well, I say it loud and clear, and it flies in all directions.

Laureline Esteves "Lau ou Ginette"

Bac S and BTS Hotel Catering in Toulouse. Lots of restaurants in Albi (Part des Anges, Epicurien, Cascabar, …), “La Verrerie” in Gaillac and the “Domaine de Gayda” in L’Aude.

Why the kitchen? It is above all a passion transmitted by my paternal grandmother. You could say that I fell in when I was little.

Favorite food: Tiramisu (without the chocolate powder on it).

Favorite tool: The pot holder (glove for flow), my colleagues know why ahah.

Motto or proverb: Each passing minute is an opportunity to change your life.

Hobbies: Soccer, eating and drinking, tinkering and playing the guitar.

Super Powers: Stubborn (when I have something in my head I don’t have it elsewhere …) but I am very generous. I like to give and share with people.

Chrystelle Salvignac born Combet "Cricri"

I obtained a BEP cuisine at the Mazamet hotel school. Subsequently, I passed a bac pro service with an additional mention butler at the hotel school of Toulouse From 15 years to 18 years I spent my seasons at the restaurant “le Barry” in Villefranche d’Albi, then I went through beautiful gastronomic houses to train such as the “Esprit du vin” and the “Epicurien” on Albi. The desire to discover new horizons was essential so I discovered for 7 years, at Cap Ferret, the management of luxury villas. Back on Albi, I worked for 1 year on “Boeuf Saumon” before embarking on this great project which is to have my own restaurant, my own business.

Why the service? First of all I went to the kitchen but I missed contact with people. So I left on duty which allowed me to be fulfilled in my work which is essential in my eyes.

Favorite food: Very gourmet, I like a lot of dishes even if fruit is not what I prefer. I have a preference for salty and if I had to make a choice I would say risotto with all these possible variations.

Favorite tool: The phone because it’s part of my job to take reservations. Each call from a customer is incomparable pleasure because it is an additional opportunity to discover our passion.

Motto or proverb: “It is easier to give up than to persevere”. This proverb suits me so well because without perseverance I would most certainly never have arrived at what I have become today.

Hobbies: Travel, calm, and time spent with my daughter which is my greatest happiness.

Super power: I’m generous (a little too much by the way). I find it hard to say no and I always want everything to go well for everyone. On the other hand I am a big stubborn one so when I have a plan in mind, I stay on my ideas and my convictions.